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Naomi Zack

Naomi Zack, PhD, Columbia University, has been Professor of Philosophy at Lehman College, CUNY, since 2019. She earlier taught at SUNY, Albany and the University of Oregon. Her most recent book is Reviving the Social Compact: Inclusive Citizenship in an Age of Extreme Politics (2018). Forthcoming is Progressive Anonymity: from Identity Politics to Evidence-based Government. Recent books are her edited 51-essay Oxford Handbook on Philosophy and Race (2017) and Philosophy of Race, An Introduction (2018). Earlier books include: The Theory of Applicative Justice: An Empirical Pragmatic Approach to Correcting Racial Injustice (2016), White Privilege and Black Rights: The Injustice of US Police Racial Profiling and Homicide (2015), The Ethics and Mores of Race: Equality after the History of Philosophy (2011/2015) and Ethics for Disaster, (2009, 2010-11), Inclusive Feminism: A Third Wave Theory of Women’s Commonality (2005), and Philosophy of Science and Race (2002).

Naomi Zack was awarded the Phi Beta Kappa-Romanell Professorship, 2019-20, with lectures to be given on the Lehman campus, which were delayed due to COVID-19 lockdowns in New York City. She is currently teaching an online course, “Disaster and Corona,” at Lehman College and welcoming contributions to the website