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Andrew Bujalski

Harvard graduate Andrew Bujalski quickly established himself as one of the most important new voices of American independent cinema with the release of his debut feature Funny Ha Ha in 2005. Shot in 2002 and featuring a cast and crew of Harvard grads, the film provides an insightful look at contemporary relationships that falls outside the simplistic optimism of Hollywood romance, and was selected by New York Times critic A.O. Scott as one of the ten best films of 2005. His follow up feature, Mutual Appreciation, shot in 2003 and released theatrically in 2006, received similar acclaim and reinforced his style and subject matter—improvisational feeling, though scripted, lo-fi looks into the lives of white middle-class post-collegiate twenty-somethings. In 2005 Bujalski started depositing his film materials with the HFA. Currently the collection includes projection prints and production elements for Funny Ha Ha, Mutual Appreciation and Beeswax (2009), as well as films he worked on while a student in the Harvard Department of Visual and Environmental Studies in the late 1990s. Andrew Bujalski was awarded the Sloan Development Fund at the Tribeca Film Institute in 2012 for Computer Chess.