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New Sloan Documentaries on PBS's American Experience

Tomorrow night, American Experience will premiere the first of three new documentaries exploring the role of science, technology, and engineering in history, produced through a partnership with the Sloan Foundation. Written and directed by Emmy Award-winner Michelle Ferrari and produced by Ferrari and Amanda Pollak, Edison tells the story of Thomas Alva Edison and his many inventions - the electric light, the phonograph, the motion picture camera, and thousands of others - while focusing on his enduring celebrity and the role of his contributions within the context of turn-of-the-century America. Edison premieres tomorrow, January 27th at 9pm on PBS.

Next Tuesday, on February 3rd, you can tune in to see the second film, The Big Burn. Written and directed by Stephen Ives and produced by Amanda Pollak, the documentary recounts the fire that blazed across three million acres of the Rockies in 1910 and its formative impact on the new U.S. Forest Service. The final documentary, The Forgotten Plague, premieres a week later on February 10 and is written, directed and produced by Chana Gazit. The film tells the history of tuberculosis through the 1800s, when it impacted nearly every household in America. Each of these three new documentaries were produced and researched by the WBGH Educational Foundation, recipients of a three year Sloan Foundation grant.