The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation has a nationwide film program to support filmmakers at every stage of development who create narrative films about science and technology.

On this site, watch award-winning Sloan short films, learn about over 500 projects, including more than ten features released theatrically in the past three years, supported by the Sloan Film Program, and see how film can serve as a lens into society's most critical science and technology issues.

The Information Network: Kevin Warwick on Ghost in the Shell
Sloan News Best Sloan-Supported Script of the Year Wins $30,000
Sloan News Premiere: Mark Apicella's Between Blood and Sand
Sloan News Premiere: Zack Schamberg's Hardbat
Emmanuelle Bercot's 150 Milligrams
The Singularity: Interview with Metrograph's Aliza Ma
Before and After Science at CPH: DOX
A "Cure" for Impotence: Richard Linklater's New Film
Sloan News WGBH’s Documentary The Race Underground
Sloan News Teknolust: Lynn Hershman Leeson Talks With Stuart Firestein
Virtual Reality: A New Treatment for PTSD by Dr. Heather Berlin
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Sloan News March Science & Film Goings On
Sloan News Columbia University Filmmakers Win $80,000 from Sloan Foundation
Loïe Fuller’s Radium Dance
A Cure for Wellness: Exclusive with Gore Verbinski
The Medium is the Message: Kristen Stewart in Personal Shopper Carl Sagan & Ann Druyan: Interview with Zach Dean
Invasion of the Body Snatchers: Interview with Dr. Hameed
Algol: The Tragedy of Power, at the Berlinale
Pokot: Interview with Agnieszka Holland at the Berlinale
THX 1138: Interview with Dr. David Anderson
Soylent Green is People: Interview with Dr. Andrew Bell
Things to Come: Interview with Kinemathek Curators
Close Encounters at the Berlinale
Sloan News The Catcher Was a Spy: Behind-the-Scenes with Jim Young
Sloan News Science Plays at the Ensemble Studio Theatre’s First Light Festival
A New Film About Marie Curie by Marie Noëlle